August 2, 2006

Mark Kemp
Superior Masonry Builders
12699 West Arden Place
Butler, WI 53007

Dear Mark,

As another project with your company is coming to a close in Sturtevant I would like to take a moment to send you this letter to tell you what a fine job your staff and workers have done on this project. The project is on time again due to your diligent and competent tradesmen.

It is always a pleasure to work with Superior Masonry and has been on many fine projects that you have built for Tri-North since 1984. In the many years we have worked together there has always been a pride in workmanship, a commitment to meeting the schedule and an attitude of cooperation with Superior.

It is my hope that we can continue on with this fine relationship for many years to come.


Joel Stancer
Vice President
Milwaukee Division
Tri-North Builders

Joel Stancer
Vice President
Milwaukee Operations


Constrortion Corporation

July 27, 2006
Mr. Jack Tomkiewicz
Superior Masonry Building Inc.
12699 West Arden Place
Butler, WI 53007

Re: Liberty IV / DOD TI Build Out

Dear Jack,

I am writing to express a final Thank You for your work completed on the above noted project. With your hard work and dedication, the completion date of June 30, 2006 was met and the few punchlist items are at or near completion. With everyone’s combined effort, the Team met Liberty Property Trust’s expectations and Berghammer received emails and calls expressing the same. Please extend the appreciation to all your field personnel, specifically Tom.


Berghammer appreciates all you have done and I look forward to repeating the success in the future. Thanks!



Jeff Werderman
Gary Artymiuk
Bruce Hense